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Tyler + Chloe

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On April 28th ill explain

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Jacob Perez (jacob_puta) on Twitter

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Reblog With Your Future Kids Name



Girl- Nala or Gabrielle
Boy- Shymir or Jamil

Girl- Vada Nicole, Aimee Jade, Nyla Noelle 
Boy- Emmanuel Lennon, Julian Isaiah, Jacob Daniel

Girl- Yelsi or Helena

boy- Kaden or Jayce

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April 21st, 1996 you were born. You were brought onto this earth not only to live, but to change lives. From the day I was born, you were there at the hospital, waiting with my father to see me for the first time. The very fist picture that was ever taken of me, you were in it. Looking at me with the same look you give me now, it hasn’t changed, and neither have you. Thank you for always being there for me, even when we fight, A LOT. You always make me crack and smile and laugh. You used to put on shows for me in the living room and I was the fan, and now I go to your shows and see you perform in front of thousands of fans that are there for YOU. But I never lost my scream or smile, and you could always look into the crowd and see me singing and dancing along, because I was there for your first show, and I will be there for your last. I am so proud of you, thank you for making me and thousands of girls smile every day. I love you, and happy birthday.  Lets celebrate!  @princemisfit